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The power of musical sound on human emotions is so immense that we, as professional musicians, cannot but dedicate ourselves in pursuit of the highest quality in all our endeavors to ensure it's effect on the listeners to be positive. 


I hope this Center will be a great resource and asset for all musicians and I also hope that our activities will greatly elevate the level of professionalism in the music field. 


Who we are:

The Center for Professional Studies is created for the Professional Musicians to continue their studies to further develop their musicianship and professionalism, thus bring higher level of audience satisfaction.


What do we do?  

Professional musicians will further deepen and broaden their understanding of music performances through seminars and workshops, elevate the quality of their performances through individual/group coaching and projects.



The power of musical sound on human emotions is so immense that we, professional musicians, cannot, but, dedicate ourselves in pursuit of the highest quality in all our endeavors to ensure its effect on the listeners to be positive.


Who can become a member?

Those who want to participate and contribute in elevating the quality of music performance. Classical Music Performers, Young Musicians, Audiences are all welcome.  


Young Artist Guild:

For aspiring young musicians.  The center provides guidance on the best possible path in entering the professional music field, including preparation for higher educational institutions, practical guidance for studying abroad, and counseling for career development

Elizabeth Park

Violin Pedagogue and Performance Coach for Strings and Piano

Ms. Elizabeth Park is specialized in Performance Consultation & Preparation for professional violinists, string instrumentalists and pianists. 


Her focus is in Effective Use of the Concert Hall Acoustics (as the third instrument a performer must master) and Expressing the Artistry of the Performer, in order to maximize the communication between the performer and the audience. 

Her focus also is in Proper Usage of Natural Body Motion (body as the second instrument) to facilitate the complex Technical Demands of Musical Instrument Playing.


Her passion in Violin Performance Pedagogy made her do a career shift from a performer in Europe, Middle East, and USA, to a dedicated pedagogue; researching the physiological, psychological, and acoustical aspects of violin and classical music performance. 

She has been working as a Performance Coach in Seoul, Korea for the past several years, working with Korea's top musicians and in their preparations of Recitals, Solos with orchestras, and International Competitions.  

She started EP Center for Professional Studies of Music Performance where  intensive coaching, workshops and seminars for professional violinists, violists, cellists and pianists are held. 

Her endeavor of elevating the quality of Classical Music Performance and its audience satisfaction now continues in San Francisco & Bay Area,CA.

Beautiful thoughts, Beautiful mind, Beautiful Music, and, Beautiful Life. 

Elizabeth Park Center
for Professional Studies of Music Performance

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