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Music & Science Club

Advisors: Qualified Scientists, Science teachers, Professional Musicians, Professional Music and Science Educators


Members: Young Professionals, Collegiate & High School Students


Activity: Seminars, workshops, Research, selected studies will be submitted for Presentation at

State/National/International Conferences & Symposiums of related Professional Organizations.


Study Topics: Student(s) can choose his/her/their own topic(s) of interest in the field of Physics, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Physiology, Ergonomics, Acoustics, and Architecture that is related to Music.

Students can also participate in EP Center’s Professional Musicians’ Research.


Celine Chien presented her research on "Going Viral on Youtube"

at the CAPMT State Conference

CAPMT Conference.JPG
Celine CAPMT 1.jpg
Celine CAPMT 2.jpg
Celine CAPMT 3.jpg

Celine's Presentation

Upcoming Conferences

BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference:

Jan 10-12, 2019, University of Sheffield UK

Paper Submission by Oct 29


Sound and Music in the Prism of Sound Studies - International Conference:

Jan 24-26, 2019, Paris France

Paper Submission by Jun 15


Musica Analitica 2019:

Mar 21-23, 2019, Porto Portugal

Paper Submission by Dec 15


ISPS 2019 (International Symposium on Performance Science):

Jun 16-20, 2019, Melbourn Australia

Structured Abstract Submission by Jan 20

SPARC Conference (Sheffield Performer and Audience Reseach Center): 

Jul 3-5, 2019, University of Sheffield UK

Abstract Submission by Jan 7

SMPC 2019 (Society for Music Perception and Cognition):

Aug 5-7, 2019, New York City USA

Abstract Submission  Dec 1 - Feb 1

TCPM 2019 (Tracking the Creative Process in Music):

Oct 9-11, 2019, Lisbon Portugal

Contribution Proposal Submission Jan 6

Beautiful thoughts, Beautiful mind, Beautiful Music, and, Beautiful Life. 

Elizabeth Park Center
for Professional Studies of Music Performance

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